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Like every new formation, our organization has a story. This story may not sound very interesting to you. We may not have produced a project that would shake the world in a garage, but we think that the story is important in order to introduce ourselves to our potential customers. Let’s come to the story…

Four friends laid the foundations of the Tleps brand in 2015. Although the four of us were of different personalities, we competed with each other in stubbornness. One day, we heard a legend that the meat cooked with a cast iron was very delicious, and we wanted to experience it in a chat environment as a matter of pleasure and pleasure. For this purpose, we started the search for cast iron pans. The cast pans we could find were sold abroad at very high prices if they were either enamel coated or uncoated(Seasoned, Pre-seasoned). Since we could find the uncoated cast product abroad, we satisfied our curiosity by ordering one, no matter how expensive it is. The flavor of the meat was truly legendary. Now we had one more thing to do. Sharing this taste with other people… We thought that people would not be able to find an uncoated additive-free product as easily as we do, and would not want to order from abroad. Our business idea was to respond exactly to this need. We would produce additive-free, uncoated 100% cast cooking utensils ourselves. Meanwhile, each of us had ongoing activities in different fields. One of our friends had a business operating in modeling, mold production and casting. We were so attached to the business idea that this business became the address of overtime work for all of us. For 3 years, we worked in this way from logo design to model drawing, from molding to sandblasting and all other operations. We would love to be able to write epics about how professionally we do our job here, but we have done all the work we have done so far with an amateur spirit. While doing our job with an amateur spirit, we constantly asked ourselves this question. If we do it this way, will we embarrass our customers? We asked this question because we think that the concept of “customer satisfaction” loses its meaning with the rosewood in the language of their businesses and cannot express our purpose correctly. Our goal was not 100% customer satisfaction, but to ensure that customers who understood our product correctly were 100% satisfied. We know from our own personal experience that 100% customer satisfaction is no longer an attainable goal. We believe that it is impossible for a product to satisfy all customers 100%. At this point, we aim to provide the right information about our products and reach only the segment they address. In this way, we aim not to be embarrassed in our product sales and after-sales support processes to our customers we aim not to be embarrassed in our product sales and after-sales support processes to our customers who are not blinded by marketing techniques.

All commercial enterprises are established for profit and plan to make more profit. We also operate for profit, but for us the steady growth of profit is more important than the growth of our profitability. We believe that if we operate without embarrassment towards our customers, we will grow steadily and reach the point we dream of. For now, we can open one of our products for your evaluation. By adding new models and new products to our product portfolio day by day, we aim to offer you all of the additive-free, uncoated 100% cast cooking utensils under the Tleps brand.

It’s customary to write…

Our vision; To be the most preferred brand in Turkey in casting cooking utensils and to contribute to the country’s economy with our exports.

Our Mission; To ensure that our customers reach the additive-free, uncoated 100% cast cooking utensils at the most affordable prices and use these products for a long time without any problems.


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